About a month ago my friend Tracy, who is also a counselor, said “We tend to tell people what we need to hear.” That made me think of a common speech I give to single women in their 20s that aren’t too excited about being single.

My speech
Make sure you are on your own path to what you want to accomplish in your life. When you’re on your path and doing what you what to do, that’s when you’ll be the happiest and more likely to find “the one” with a path that is running along side yours. Especially as women, it is all too easy to look for the man first and adapt to their path. Never give up your identity for someone else. Work towards loving yourself for exactly who you are. That will get you through anything in life. Confidence is a shield again criticism, hate, and tough times so make that your #1 goal if that’s what you’re lacking. Never, ever settle for less than you deserve. Trust your gut feeling even if that means making a hard decision. Someone doesn’t like you? Great! Next. Don’t waste time on people that are trying to bring you down. You are the only person that can define who you are. NEVER give that power to anyone else. You will end up a very unhappy person.


This is exactly what I needed to hear this week and I hope it resonates with someone else out there! Be kind to yourself and love exactly who you are. There are a lot of people that want to bring you down to make themselves feel better. You need to be strong and confident in order to be happy.

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