Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend with friends and family! Today’s blog will be completely focused on how to get the life you want… what’s better than that!? Remember when you were a child and teachers and parents told you that you could be anything that you want when you grow up? I wanted my answer to be as authentic as possible so I reached out to my dad to see if he remembered what I wanted to be when I grew up. He told me that I wanted to be a bartender and a professional basketball player. (I might need to ask my dad more questions about how I knew what a bartender was… hmmm) Ironically, I have been a bartender and played professional basketball… or is it ironic?

As we grow up, the same teachers and parents start telling us to be “realistic” with our dreams and usually that means settling for less than we desire. Remember having that feeling as a child that you could do anything? As life happens to us, that feeling of invincibility gets replaced with fears. We are all human beings so what is the difference between the people that accomplish their dreams and the people that don’t? Belief in themselves and a positive view of the future. I have a friend that grew up and always wanted to be a mermaid. I’m guessing a lot of doubts just popped in your head and maybe even a giggle. Well guess what? She has made her dream of becoming a mermaid a reality and is getting paid for it! Don’t believe me? Check out my friend Emily aka The Florida Mermaid here! We are encouraged to dream big as children then ridiculed for doing so as adults. Let’s let Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, explain why visualization is essential for getting what we want. To

How cool is he!? The first thing that he mentions is what you focus on and think about create what is attracted to you. What do most people think about? Their fears. I’m guessing that most people thought of a dream they have while watching the video then a flood of negative thoughts put that dream to rest. It seems to be a natural tendency to focus our thoughts and energy on what we are most scared of. It’s not an enjoyable thing to do so why in the world do we do this?? We think it’s protecting us. “I’m going to tell myself I’m going to be single forever so I’m not surprised if it happens.” “I’m going to expect to fail this test even though I studied.” What you visualize is the end result you’re moving towards. Think about yourself as the author to your own book. Is it time to start a new chapter? What do you envision for the purpose of your book? How do you want your book to effect other people? This point of view keeps our thoughts positive and oriented towards the future. Remember last week when I mentioned that our thoughts are connected to our feelings and our feelings are connect to our actions? Well Jack takes it a step further by explaining tangible evidence that EVERTHING stems from a thought! That’s exciting news because we have control over our thoughts. *Insert happy dance*

The second point I want to illustrate is that Jack says that the universe gives us what we focus on. I used to focus only on the fact that I was physically different and my biggest fear was not being accepted and that is exactly what happened. I recall having a fear of being taller than objects like the refrigerator or my locker at school. Once I got taller than these objects I felt even worse about myself. Those feelings lead to me slumping down and bending my knees so I wouldn’t look tall. (didn’t work) This basically invited people to make fun of me which took a toll on my self-esteem and quality of life. Are you starting to see how everything is connected? Think of times where this has been true in your life. Maybe you studied your butt off for a test and focused on your fear on failure and ended up failing. You might know that your personality is amazing but have a fear of getting rejected in a social situation then it happens. Maybe you’re single and have a fear of never finding a life partner so you are preparing for a life alone that may or may not involve several cats. Have you ever been talking to a crush of yours and all you’re focused on is not saying anything weird and then the weirdest thing possible comes out of your mouth?? That’s the worst! Now we finally have an answer to why these things happen and it all starts with your thoughts.

‚ÄčI made you guys a meme… you’re welcome. ūüėČ

I want to explain how I have completely embraced this concept. Have you ever walked past someone and could literally feel their confidence? When I was struggling with accepting my height, I encountered a persons like this. The reason it was so memorable for me is because the person with confidence was physically the complete opposite of society’s stereotype of a confident person. I recall thinking, “If she can have confidence, why can’t I?” From that moment, my thoughts began to shift. I started noticing everyone around me was trying to be unique in some way. Whether it was wearing brand name clothing, dying their hair purple, getting piercings all over, and of course every school has those mean people (more than likely the least confident people) that teamed up to give the illusion that they were better than everyone else. Regardless of the avenue people take, most people want to be noticed in some way. My thoughts quickly changed from, “My life sucks because I’m different.” to “Awesome! I’m different and I don’t even have to try.” Those thoughts lead to feelings of being special, lucky, and blessed. Those feelings lead to purposeful actions towards helping others. By walking with my shoulders back and my head held high, I hope people will be inspired by my confidence as an obviously unique person. My actions of helping people have given me a strong sense of purpose which increased my quality of life tremendously. My challenge for you this week is pay attention to your thoughts. Are you mad because your cup of coffee is half empty or excited that it’s half full?
Lastly, what would you do if you could not fail? As children, failing wasn’t even a thought so why does it need to be now? It doesn’t. We all know life doesn’t go as planned sometimes but do not let that stop you. All we are guaranteed in this life is this moment. Wouldn’t this moment be best spent by imagining exactly what you want out of life? Of course, because now we know that it is the very thing that will make it become a reality.


Key Points

  • What were your dreams as a child? Did any come true?
  • View the future positively.
  • What you think about creates what is attracted to you.
  • What are you focusing on?
  • What negativity do you need to eliminate from your life?
  • In what ways do you want to be noticed?
  • What is the biggest goal you have for yourself?


‚ÄčI want us all to stay connected throughout the week so connect with me on social media! After you’re finished reading this, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and like my page on Facebook for a daily dose of positivity! Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not easy to be positive on our own so let’s help each other! At the end of the video, Jack explains how important setting goals are so let’s set some! Use the hashtag #kkcoaching so I have the opportunity to encourage you! We can start a community of positivity that will help launch you towards everything you want out of life. I can’t wait to hear all of your big goals. One of my favorite quotes is, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” So let me know what your big, scary dreams are! I’ll start…My biggest dream is to be an international speaker and successful life coach so I can help as many people as possible improve their lives. #kkcoaching

‚ÄčNow it’s your turn! Have a great week everyone!

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